Thursday, 30 August 2012

Solutions for Student Supplies

Nothing makes me crazier than picking up markers and pencil crayons that have been left on the classroom floor. With so many children coming in and out of my classroom, I need a way to keep student supplies like markers, pencil crayons, scissors etc., under control. Check out my student supply shelf.
Student supply shelf, complete with labelled bins

I will be putting all my students into Music Groups. Each member will be assigned a specific job that will make our class run smoothly (more on that later). The baskets I bought a few years ago from The Superstore, however, Dollarama has similar ones. In each basket I placed 6 paper cups (from Walmart). I divided the materials into each cup so that if we need markers for an activity the "Materials Manager" from each group can come to the supply shelf, grab a cup, and return to their group. I'm hoping this will make the groups accountable for each tool they use and will cut down on missing/damaged supplies. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Back in the Saddle!

After an exciting summer filled with wedding planning, I was finally able to get into my new classroom today. I had to take a few minutes to soak in my empty classroom.

Don't be fooled, though! Behind all those cupboard doors are boxes upon boxes of "stuff" (truly the only word to describe it) from my two former schools. My goal for today was to assess the situation and see what I really need to accomplish in my room before school starts next Tuesday. Usually, I am in my classroom two or three weeks before school begins so only having 4 days to get ready is new for me! 

I did manage to get 4 bulletin boards covered before I ran out of paper. I am doing my best not to spend a crazy amount of money on paper and borders so I reused the borders from last year. What is cuter than a polka dot, really? I'm planning on getting some lime green paper for the rest of the boards as long as the stock at Scholar's Choice cooperates. 

The other task I began was to sort out the boxes labelled "Misc. Desk Items" and "Random Stuff." I really liked how organized my storage cabinet was last year.

I put all my classroom supplies (pencils, markers, elastics, paper clips, plastic bags...) into their own individual baskets and put those baskets in the supply cupboard. It is so easy to find what I need without having to risk my life each time I open the cupboard. The baskets  are in my office right now but will be moved to the cupboard on the far left of my bank of cupboards as soon as I finish emptying the cardboard boxes. 

One of the things I love about this profession is how supportive teachers can be to one another. This message was left on my chalkboard from the previous music teacher. Love it!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Beginning

Welcome to Music in the City - a blog where I am hoping to share what works (and possibly what doesn't) in my music class. I've been so inspired lately by reading other music blogs and seeing some fun ideas on Pinterest that I thought that writing a blog would be a good challenge for me this year. I'm starting at a new school, with new students, and new grades to teach (7 & 8) so stay tuned for some interesting times ahead!