Monday, 2 September 2013

First Day Activities - Routines, Rules, and Icebreakers

Tomorrow is the big day! Yahoo! Here are some activities that I have planned for the first day for my Grade 2s right up to Grade 8s.

Learning Goal: To help students become familiar with the rules and routines of the Music Room

Introduction - I will introduce myself and discuss some important procedures such as lining up to come into the room (silent line, left shoulder against the wall), attendance (touch name on SmartBoard as they come in), learning goals (one student reads the goal and sticks it up on chalkboard), and team leaders (more info to come!).

Music Rules - The rules I am using for my classes this year came from the Pursuit of Joyfulness blog. Lindsay has some great songs that go with each rule. You can download the posters and songs from Teachers Pay Teachers for $2.50. They are super cute! I'm using the bird version even though the owls are adorable. 

Source: Pursuit of Joyfulness

I will divide my students into five groups and give each group a piece of chart paper and markers. They will need to list as many examples as they can of how this rule applies to what we will be doing in Music. Each group will present their two best examples. I will teach each rule song by rote after each presentation. 

Music and Me/Find Someone Who - I found these two great icebreakers here. This pack comes with 4 variations of the "Music & Me" game and the "Find Someone Who" game for $3.85. I'm using Music & Me with the 2s-6s and shrunk it down to fit 4 sheets on one sheet of paper. I'm all about reducing the amount of paper I use especially with the increase in classes this year. The Find Someone Who game I'm doing with the 7s and 8s and am putting those sheets in page protectors to be used with dry erase markers. These are more music theory based and I'm hoping will be a good review for the kids. 

Fingers crossed that I manage to fit all these activities into a 40 minute class! I'll keep you posted on how the lessons go. 


  1. I'm so thrilled to find you blog and that you were able to use my rules! Thanks for the shout out!

    I love your presentation idea! I didn't get each rule song in one class period. Music teachers have so much to do and so little time. I talked about the rules but spread the songs out over several class periods.

    We've been in school since Aug. 12th, so my kids know them well enough now to add solfege on a few of them. :) They make for nice, quick warm-ups now!

  2. Hi Lindsay! I just did a few lessons today with your rules and you are right. We definitely did not have enough time to fit in the presentation and the songs! I did do the songs (and no presentation) with a Grade 4 class and it went over really well. The students were familiar with the tunes and it was a great opportunity to get them singing on the first day. Thanks again!